Why You Need OnSite Planner

As event planners, we know that months of solid planning can be in vain if not followed by successful onsite execution.  Onsite Planner is your solution for improving event management, coordination and communication.

Using multiple tools to plan and prep for the day of the event is inefficient and costly.

Manual processes drain time and increase complexity.

Getting vendors and staff on the same page is challenging.

Last-minute surprises and personal requests create frustration and delays.

Event Planning and Management Software

We believe in finding innovative ways for event planners to plan stress free events blending technology with efficiency.

Developed by event planners for event planners, Onsite Planner is a software platform to help you manage the many moving parts of onsite logistics and coordination.  What we’ve done is taken the most painful points of prepping for and managing the day of the event and streamlined them for simplicity, saving event planners time and money.

Try Onsite Planner and discover the way to plan stress-free events.  



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